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Milestone Systems > Milestone helps secure Movianto’s logistics hub

IP video surveillance monitors headquarters’ 240,000 square feet

Milestone XProtect® Professional open platform IP video management software (VMS) is the basis for an updated and expanded surveillance solution at Movianto, a comprehensive logistics and transportation service provider for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The move from analog to IP has enabled the use of High Definition (HD) network cameras and license plate recognition analytics.

Movianto’s UK hub at Bedford operates around the clock five days a week, storing and managing the daily distribution of healthcare products, handling 40% of all domestic pharmaceutical products. With a total of three UK warehouses and five trans-shipment centers, they deliver to every hospital and pharmaceutical wholesaler. Next-day delivery of cooled medicines uses the company’s own fleet of dual-temperature vehicles. Movianto also offers cold-chain management, and delivery of life-critical medicines direct to patients at home, making 50,000 cold chain deliveries per month.
Movianto previously had two analog systems in warehouse buildings from 2002 that were showing their age: 23 CCTV cameras streamed low resolution black and white images to different DVR systems with poor image quality and significant gaps in surveillance coverage.
The new surveillance system is based on Milestone XProtect Professional VMS to manage, archive and export video from the latest multi-megapixel HD-quality IP cameras. Milestone XProtect® Smart Client is the interface that provides viewing, recording and retrieval of the high resolution images from a mix of Axis and Mobotix IP cameras. The combined system on the Milestone platform records, stores and enables live viewing and management of video images set to archive for 30 days.
Movianto has further extended its upgrade to include Milestone XProtect® Analytics with License Plate Recognition (LPR) in two cameras and XProtect® Transact software. The cameras using XProtect LPR are positioned at the main entrance and record all vehicle movements in and out of the site to create a full audit trail: all vehicle plates are automatically logged and checked against a known database of registrations for protection against unauthorized access.
The IP cameras with the fiber optic ring around the perimeter were installed by Centra Security to monitor key security risks such as loading bays, chillers, rear fire exits and the main entrance. Discreet network cameras were also set up in high traffic areas like the staff canteen and in some corridors for health and safety reasons.
The new system has enabled Movianto to move easily from a CCTV system - which prevented the facilities and security management teams from capturing images of sufficient quality - to a modern IP surveillance system which can help identify individuals and vehicles travelling in and out of the site.
The network infrastructure combined with the Milestone open platform forms the bedrock of a security system which will be able to grow and extend its functionality as Movianto places increased demands on it. This is a scalable IP surveillance system that will be able to offer additional security functionality as Movianto’s facilities management and security team decide to invest in more.
“Milestone has proved to be the future-proof platform we were looking for. We now can extend the surveillance system through adding software modules and integrating with other facilities management systems,” says Raj Garcha, Facilities and Security Manager at Movianto UK.  

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