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Kronos LA > Kronos NET at Expo Seguridad México 2013

Visit the booth number 1153 and learn about Kronos NET, the monitoring platform who allows the convergence of technologies over one application. Video, Intrusion Alarmas, Fire Detection, GPS, Guard Tour Control, Access Control, etc., are integrated into one system creating vanguard services and the optimizing monitoring companies operations.

The development of Kronos NET is based on an advanced 4 layers architecture, the system is built with special emphasis in the security and the stability of the application. This advanced development concept converts the system in a reliable solution for the monitoring over IP networks, with total connectivity and without expansion restrictions.

The Four security levels and the encryption protocols offer a high level of protection, in the Kronos NET operation over wide area networks and Internet without affecting the system flexibility. From an IP camera, or conventional alarm panel, to an alarm system based in web services, can be integrated in Kronos NET.

The advance features provided by the IP devices can be used with Kronos NET. Bidirectional communication with devices, interaction between devices of different manufactures, automatic operation and dynamic interactions with the final users are just some highlights aspects of the IP Kronos NET integration with IP devices.

With Kronos NET the services of the Alarm Monitoring Centers grow, the number and the quality of the provided services allow the end user to get the most advantages features of the IP world.

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