Security Professionals from across Argentina, Delighted with the IP-in-Action LIVE Buenos Aires Event

Argentina’s Security Industry met at the event IP-in-Action LIVE Buenos Aires, hosted by Technology Forum IP UserGroup Latin America. At this first class event, delegates who had travelled across the region to participate, were encourages to learn more about latest innovations in the security sector and were provided with access to both high level information in the seminar sessions and the equipment in question in the exhibition area.

IP UserGroup Latin America delivered members of the most important Argentine companies interested in the latest in physical security technology, applications and IP solutions to the exhibitors and speakers from international organizations and manufacturers who are members of the group.

The specialized event was held at the Regent Palace Hotel, Buenos Aires which represents a huge milestone in that country by hosting this major international meeting. Activities began at 9:30 hours with welcoming remarks by Paul Reyes, VP Operations of IP UserGroup Latin America. Following the interest from manufacturing companies and industry leaders who are part of the IP UserGroup, there were ten lectures on the latest applications in the security industry worldwide, plus opportunities to gain hands-on knowledge of the products in the exhibition area.

The first presentation by Manuel Rebagliati, South America Manager - LRG International (Arecont Vision) who spoke about 'Megapixel IP cameras. "

 The next company to make a presentation was Quaddrix Technologies on IP Technology in Public Safety. Camila González, Junior Territory Manager, explained how IP technology has created a revolution in the configuration of video surveillance systems allowing greater coverage of large areas in urban settings without making major changes in the infrastructure previously required by analog technology.

The exhibition area contained the experts from many presenting companies who encouraged the attendees to actively interact with the panelists. The presentations fulfilled the need and hunger for knowledge of the Argentine security industry leaders and explained more about the most innovative applications of IP based Security Technology. 

One of the presentations that caught the attention of the audience was that of César González, Vice President of Sales, International, DIGIOP Technologies who discussed systems that combined video, data, audio and analytics, and referred to the idea that video cameras should utilise such data to produce for best results.

Before sharing a lunch buffet, attendees were interested in the session from María Fernanda Barragán, Territory Sales Mananger of Bolide Technology Group with its presentation titled, "iPac – Integrated solutions - the best answer to the Challenge of Quality, Bandwidth and Price. " This presentation concluded that the system  is one of the best solutions to the challenge of thinking about quality, bandwidth and price and that it also offers a complete solution for various types of market, from fully competitive market prices as those in which the technology is the most important factor. "
Another important element of the IP-in-Action LIVE Buenos Aires event was the awarding of certificates to companies recently signed up as IP UserGroup Latin America Corporate and Founder members. Pablo Reyes presented certificates to BOLIDE Technology, DIGIOP Technology, Intelligent Security Systems - ISS and eConnect.

Pablo Reyes - IP UserGroup Latinoamérica, María Fernanda Barragán - BOLIDE Technology, Guido Arias - eConnect, Adolfo Saaied - ISS, César González - DIGIOP Technologies, David Lozano - IP UserGroup Latinoamérica Within the Expo area all exhibitors offered added value and showed the huge array of new technological tools for use in electronic physical security, this was greatly appreciated  by the entire audience.

The 10 presentations will be available through our web site IP UserGroup Latin America ( making available the valuable information shared at the international event held in Buenos Aires.

Argentina magazine "Negocios de Seguridad"  worked in partnership with IP UserGroup Latin America to promote the event, inviting attendees with a data security technology background and distributing the magazines to the delegates. Its journalists covered the event and will be publishing a report on the international meeting to all its customers in Argentina. The publication is considered a leader with security companies in Argentina and is distributed among installers, integrators and business professionals.

"At Enyco we are very pleased to be part of the IP UserGroup Latin America and having participated in the day in our country Argentina, we wish to thank the hosts, exhibitors and speakers it was a very successful day for our company. Enyco is a company with almost 20 years experience in integrating electronic security systems based on the support of the prestigious companies and our associates such as those attending this event, Pablo again our appreciation, we look forward to having the IP UserGroup back in our country soon, until next time". Felipe Srnec - Managing Partner, Enyco de Kubel SRL  

The event was extremely valuable to the delegates from many of the major Argentine companies who attended. The event even allowed our specialists to meet with new and important people, discuss projects and even close deals and agreements with representatives of some very important customers – Thank you IP UserGroup Latin America. 

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