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Company Profile: Intelligent Security Systems is a leading developer of security surveillance & control systems for networked digital video & audio recording, video image pattern processing and digital data transmission. ISS systems can be integrated with access control systems, fire and life safety, and can be made compatible with virtually any third party security equipment. Having considerable scientific and engineering potential, and significant experience in deployments of integrated security systems, the company continuously develops functional capabilities of production, acquiring an advantage in the global market of video surveillance and security.
Today, over 25,000 systems using our technology are employed in 51 countries. Our products are implemented in banks, office complexes, industrial & manufacturing sites, retail locations & supermarkets, petrochemical processing facilities, marinas, sports arenas, casinos, hospitals, schools etc. ISS has patented object-oriented event driven core firmware, Delta Wavelet video compression, intelligent video motion detection and digital video recognition capabilities

The development team has over 20 years history, starting from Baumans Moscow State Technical University, Russia's leading scientific institution. The scientific and experimental potential of the company was based on fundamental research in neural networks, pattern recognition, and robotic control systems, initially conducted in the aerospace industry, and in flexible automated production systems.

Product Profile:   ISS provides a complete spectrum of solutions for any complexity of project.  ISS engineers are constantly at work developing solutions to deliver at once value and unprecedented power for the digital surveillance marketplace. SecurOS Xpress and Professional lines are ideal for small to midsized locations with limited complexity. SecurOS and the ISS line of dedicated Intelligent systems can power the most complex, unique, and large scale projects you can imagine. Video Inspector Global is the best of both worlds – remarkable power at a value price.                                        
From stand alone video recorders for small offices to intelligent network based systems to secure entire cities, ISS has the solution that fits your needs right.



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