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IP-in-Action LIVE Mexico
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Mexico ExhibitorsVenue:
Galería Plaza Hotel
Galería Salon
Hamburgo 195
Colonia Juarez
México D.F, 06600
Tel: +52 55 5230 1741
IP-in-Action LIVE Mexico City – A Great Success and a Vision of the Future for Mexico

The IP UserGroup Latin America hosts the latest IP-in-Action LIVE event in Mexico City on 25th August at the Galería Plaza Hotel in the Commercial Centre of this vibrant city.

The Expo and educational programme at this unique event had proven so popular that Pablo Reyes, VP Operations, was forced reluctantly to close registrations two weeks prior to the event due to over subscription. “I was amazed, registrations just kept on coming and I was aware of the limitations at our chosen venue, we will certainly be looking for a larger alternative when we return to Mexico”. Read more...
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Pablo ReyesWelcome and Opening Remarks, Pablo Reyes - VP Operations, IP UserGroup Latinoamérica
Speaker: Paul Hennings - President, IP UserGroup International
Presentation Title: "The IP UserGroup and its Global Reach" - View Presentation
Paul HenningsDescription: Paul will present to the audience the current market trends, opportunities surrounding the latest security based on IP technology and the role of IP UserGroup globally. He will discuss why end users should pay attention to this kind of technology and reduce their business risks and how the security industry in Latin America can take advantage of new techniques to increase profitability.
Speaker: Manuel Ordoñez - Sales Manager Mexico, Milestone Systems
Presentation Title: "The Race Began!" - View Presentation
Manuel OrdóñezDescription: Manuel’s presentation describes how advances in technology have provided improvement in video surveillance systems, offering higher quality at lower cost. He will discuss the fact that Open platform software for managing IP network-based video surveillance allows best-of-breed solutions to ‘video enabled’ business: reducing costs, optimizing processes, protecting people and assets - and ultimately increasing value in an organization’s products and services.
Speaker: Fernando Esteban - Country Manager Mexico, Central America & Caribbean, Axis Communications
Presentation Title: "The IP Video Revolution" - View Presentation
Fernando EstebanDescription: Fernando will present how, since the appearance of the first network camera in1996, there has been a rapid improvement in performance, with high-definition images available from all kinds of cameras, including PTZ. He will discuss the fact that it is projected that by 2012 more than half of the IP cameras sold will be HDTV and that within a few years this trend will cause the data storage provided for these high-definition devices to become simpler and more portable.
Speaker: Carlos Rojas - Product Support Manager, Pelco Inc
Presentation Title: Case Study: "Urban Video Surveillance at Queretaro" - View Presentation (coming soon...)  -
Carlos RojasDescription: Carlos Rojas’ presentation aims to discuss the latest networked solutions for urban video surveillance (cameras, transmission systems, visualization and operation, video recording), illustrated by a case study describing the solution deployed in the city of Queretaro.


Speaker: César González, Vice President of Sales, International - DIGIOP Technologies
Presentation Title: "DIGIOP: Video, Data, Audio and Analytica" - View Presentation ( Descargue Presentación-
César GonzálezDescription: DIGIOP Solutions for video, data, audio and analytical, video alone is not enough, when we associate video with data "video works". ..
Speaker: Gerardo Silva, Country Manager Mexico - Scati Labs
Presentation Title: "Which are the clues to choose the suitable IP CCTV? - View Presentation (coming soon...)¿Cuáles son las claves para seleccionar el sistema de CCTV IP adecua Cu[affcfff -

Gerardo SilvaDescription: Nowadays, the huge number of proposals of manufacturers or integrators in the security market makes so difficult to choose the IP video surveillance system suitable (NVR or HVR) for any security project.

Therefore, Scati has designed a guide with the commitment of showing to any Security Manager the clues for designing and installing the IP CCTV more appropriated system for each facility.
En la actualidad, la saturación de fabricantes e integradores dentro del sector de la seguridad provoca que, en muchas ocasiones, la elección del sistema de video vigilancia IP (NVR o HVR) adecuado para cualquier proyecto de seguridad sea un proceso largo y complejCon el objetivo de facilitar la toma de decisiones de cualquier director de seguridad, Scati ha diseñado un esquema de trabajo a seguir para diseñar e instalar el sistema de CCTV IP integral más adecuado para cualquier proyecto de s
Speaker: Héctor Porras - IPELA Gerente de Producto, SONY Latin America
Presentation Title: "The New Trend on HD Video Surveillance " - View Presentation 
Héctor PorrasDescription: The advancement on research and development on IP video surveillance have transformed the new trend on Video Surveillance offering worldwide. New application and challenges have to be analyzed given the new Digital Video technologies. What are the new trends and how do they impact the security systems.
Speaker: Guillermo Palma - Latin America Business Development, GP International (BOLIDE Technology)
Presentation Title: "Efficient Video Surveillance in Different Vertical Markets across the IP and Hybrid Solutions" - View Presentation    -
Guillermo PalmaDescription: One of the biggest challenges for those who work or want to include CCTV over IP in their projects and video surveillance solutions is to find the perfect balance between quality, bandwidth and price. During the presentation you will discover different technologies that help us with this challenge.
Speaker: Andrés Mosqueda - Sales and Support Mexico, LRG International (Arecont Vision) Andrés Mosqueda - Sales and Support Mexico, LRG International (Arecont Vision)
Presentation Title: "Megapixel IP Cameras" - View Presentation View Presentation
Andrés MosquedaDescription: Arecont Vision technology demonstrates its leadership through the advances in innovation, image, quality, number of frames, compression and cost. ..
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